Are you a therapist, coach, medical provider, or other helping professional?  Do you give so much of your heart and soul, but struggle to make time for you?

Do you recognize what drains and what fuels you? Make an intentional practice of connecting with yourself and your truest longings in order to be of the greatest service to others?

Do you take time to enjoy the many healing benefits of our natural world? To connect to your own innate creativity and expression?

Creativity + nature combined offer a unique opportunity to experience yourself as part of the greater dig into your senses.  Using the natural beauty of the earth with creative self-expression, you'll be invited into the healing power of the elements by meeting your own beauty, balance, and wonder mirrored through the landscape, your art, and peers.

Our inner nature can be seen in the outer world when we slow down and observe the earth’s innate intelligence and vice versa.  Staying in touch with the rhythm of nature and connecting with your own sensory capacities through the sound of the wind, touch of water, smell of dirt, etc. allows you to merge with and hear the wise voice of nature as your own.  

Seeing yourself in this way allows you to connect deeply to the collective wisdom and simultaneously connect deeply with yourself, your loved ones, the greater community, and the natural world.  It invites health and growth. 

EcoArt Wellness for Healers will gift you with the time and space to explore your natural strengths, innate desires, and the inherent wisdom of the body as your guide and compass to:

  • Understand the Risks + Rewards of being a healer plus causes, signs + symptoms of Burnout and Compassion Fatigue 
  • Experience creativity and connection to self, others, and nature as self-care to identify needs and create a simple plan of action 
  • Build the resiliency skills necessary to stay grounded and centered in the face of life’s ever changing cycles and seasons
  • Experience less stress, more ease, and trust in your creative flow for increased productivity, better health, and improved relationships

Let the power of art and nature nourish and nurture you while planting seeds that will allow you to curiously explore how you can be enough personally + professionally; for yourself, your friends, family, and clients or patients.