Morning Love Matters


Do you have a practice of starting your day tuned in or do you hit the ground running?

Do you prioritize grounding your energy in love and gentle care with an intention to carry you throughout the day?

As a recovering perfectionist, I admit I have spent years cultivating my morning routine to design the 'perfect' ritual...turns out they all were 'perfect'...depending on the day, the time of month, time of year, and who I was at that moment. 

After several requests to share my morning routines, I have compiled a list of the ingredients below for you to mix and match like a personal buffet to suite your needs and desires.  Play with what feels good to you.  If you currently have minimal to no routine- start small with baby steps and celebrate early and often as you show up for yourself.

Over the years, I've tried everything from 6 minutes to a few hours and personally prefer somewhere in between around an hour and a half to two.  I currently include grounding/centering often outside, journaling with my decaf or half caff coffee...sometimes with art materials and sometimes without, smoothie with supplements or other breakfast, and movement of some dancing, walking, rollerblading, hiking, jogging, etc.

What I have learned from my experimentation is that morning love matters for getting me the best energy for myself and my clients!  As a helping professional, you know the value of self care.  The question is do you practice what you preach?

I certainly hope so as our own care is vital for sustaining vitality in the work we do and cultivating your creativity is an excellent way to tap into your own powerful energy.

Looking for a new routine?  Give the following EcoArt Morning Riser a try:

1.  Spend a minute or so settling into the present moment...scan your environment, notice your breath, feel your feet on the ground.  Stay here as long as you like or as time permits.  Connect to a natural attraction- could be the sun coming through the window or wind on your skin as you step outside....follow your curiosity.   Notice your current state.

2. Grab a drawing utensil, paint, or other material and create a shape and color to represent this current state.  

3.  Notice if this is how you want to feel.  Know that you can shift your mood at any moment as we can not be in a state of love and fear at the same time!  If your shape/color is not how you wish to feel, transform your image into how you want to feel as you move into the day.

4.  Give your art a title and ask your art what it would say if it could speak.  Now put this into some form of movement to bring this energy to the body...could be a jumping jack, high kick, dance, stretch, or pose.    Note 3 lessons from this activity and if there any desired action you feel to inspired to take as a result.

I'd love to hear how this goes for you so leave me a comment below and share what your morning routine looks like or what you'd like to play with if you are just getting started! 

Not feeling so inspired and feeling the stress of life as a helping professional... crave more vitality, play, and flow in your life?  I'm here to help.

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