Do You Trust Your Inner Guide?


"If you think of the universe as a vast electrical sea in which you are immersed and from which you are formed, opening to your creativity changes you from something bobbing in that sea to a more fully functioning, more conscious, more cooperative part of that ecosystem."   - Julia Cameron, The Artist Way

The Artist Way is a book that changed my life.  As a student researcher returning to Mississippi after a long, thrilling, confusing, and life-changing summer in N. Uganda ten years ago- I knew I could not stay.  It was time to leave the South and Cameron, who wrote this incredible guide, The Artist Way, to higher creativity, urged me to get to New York as soon as possible.

My practical mind said, "Stay have a house.  You are in a long term relationship.  Your family and friends are in the South."  My desire was bigger than my logic and my fear and so I took the leap and every net you can imagine appeared.  I was offered room and board in exchange for a couple of days of work.  I was placed in a new internship site for my graduate program in Art Therapy.  The universe presented dog walkers and sitters when it was time for my summer classes in New Hampshire.  I was offered jobs when I needed more income.  I was taken care of even though my personal mind would have never agreed to such.  She was a bit more prideful back then and would have convinced us both that she was in charge with a slogan to match, "I get shit done,"  but the truth is there was a creative force at work.

The same creative force at work for me is alive in you and all of us...if only we'll listen and leap.  Many of my clients come to me struggling to hear that inner guide while others hear it and are too terrified too leap without support.  I was once the same way as I often needed to see the net before I could leap.  Truth be told I might have never made it to New York if I had not lined up a place to stay and internship before I left.  The older I get the stakes seem to have risen as I am often being asked to leap without seeing the carve paths that have not been blaze the trail at times meaning my intuition is the GPS rather than using someone else's map.

So I am curious…what GPS are you using to guide you?

It's and honor and a privilege to witness my clients shift out of self-doubt and overwhelm into powerful self-trust using their own inner guide.

Want to cultivate this intuitive and creative flow for more vitality in your life and work? Let’s chat!

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