My favorite part is all of the mind, body, spirit, & nature connected with the art! Led me to feeling grounding & reaching insight. I loved every part of this experience! Thank you for your wisdom. This workshop became a lesson in how to say ‘Yes!” to me. It allowed me the chance to connect with myself and interconnect with others in a holistic way. Thank you, Lanie, for your wisdom and guidance and for sharing the power of EcoArt Therapy!” -Art Therapist

“AH! Creating the container for the experience to flow in. Thank you, Lanie for creating a nurturing space for sharing, learning, and healing. You take tender and courageous care of us during out time together. I felt very safe and trusted myself to learn what I needed to learn for my next chapter of life! Thank you.”
-Music Therapist

“I love this stuff as every time I do something like this I learn something about myself and develop calming skills. All the different activities and writing made me reflect deeply and helped me tremendously to move out of my head.” -Physical Therapist

“The activities encourage tuning in and trusting, which are the foundation for connecting with myself and others.” -Marie, Expressive Arts Therapist

“This work pushes me just enough out of my comfort zone to grow in unexpected yet needed ways.”
-AA & EA Sponsor

“Such a great way to stop, slow down, and learn more about self care and personal discovery. The mindful eating activity although uncomfortable was enlightening.” -Retired Teacher, Children’s Book Author & Non- Profit Founder

“I’m grateful that you knew exactly how to explain to me how harmful my internal dialogue was, and how to change my way of thinking." -Creative Entrepreneur

“Using art to explore my feelings was powerful & effective!” Plus it was fun. My life is better after both a wonderful, rewarding, and empowering relationship with someone to really listen, give feedback, and help point me in directions to discover the real me. Thank you for our time together, for your guidance, encouragement, for reminding me of the joys of doing art, slowing down, and cherishing me to become whole + healthy.” -Teacher & Volunteer

“Thanks for creating such a non-judgmental space. Loved the focus on the process of discovering myself through art expression. I don’t usually feel this comfortable opening up and being myself. You really provided something special.” -Therapist

“Lanie is so insightful and knowledgeable, positive and compassionate. I am grateful for her wise and encouraging words which have been very helpful to me. -Art Therapist