“Working with Lanie, I learned to be more accepting and allowing of my natural feelings and expressions.  I was able to set down my guards and experience closeness with my husband - in ways I had never experienced.  The experience taught me to express myself where I needed to express and move deeper into connection as I felt comfortable doing so.   My marriage is closer than it ever has been.
I have more freedom to communicate and stay close.

I discovered the importance of Bold Truth and radical honesty and how this allows for closer connection.  I learned the power of being in nature and allowing intuition to speak to me in new ways….nature, art, environment.  I have incorporated more creativity and color into my business processes which has elevated the fun factor in my everyday life.

I loved the option to meet outdoors – the walking and talking and sorting through things.  I loved the EcoArt exercises and the way in which they informed me with new insight and understanding.
I loved Lanie’s approach in showing me that what I was feeling was natural, ok, and that by giving the big feelings permission to be there – they actually diminished.

Lanie will guide you into places within yourself that you have had trouble breaking through on your own.  Lanie’s calm, grounded presence and intuition allows you to freely explore your own big feelings in a way that feels safe and comfortable.  Lanie will hold your vision and challenge you to push past the places where you want to hide out or play small so that you can realize your bigger desires.   She will also highlight your own natural strengths and abilities so that you can stretch into that bigger, brighter version of yourself.”

-Life Coach + Entrepreneur

"After working with Lanie, it was like a whole new world presented it self... a world of creativity, playfulness, calmness, adventure, exploration, curiosity, healing, challenge, safety, reflection, love, community and much more. It felt new but it also felt fitting. It was me. A me that I kind of knew but not very well.

True to the type of experiences that occur in creative play here, I can’t explain in words, how uplifting this experience has been. I’ve learned learned how to connect with that energy beyond words. Lanie is so great at deactivating defenses and insecurities by not being afraid to lovingly call them out, probably in anticipation that we go there. And she invited to play freely, no judgement, no plan, no rules, no technique. And her reminders to just do it, to play and go with it, feel genuine and loving. And I felt free to be.

I also appreciate her reminder of nature! Its like home away from home. Her passion for creative play is infectious. She had my creative juices flowing and her encouragement inspired me to get out there and play with no shame. Thank you, Lanie, for sharing your passion. ️"

-Counselor in California

"I was hesitant that I might not have enough time to commit to the homework as I would like but one of the biggest things I was able to accomplish was to gain some perspective. What I learned from Lanie is that my point of view is not always the full truth but instead a reflection of a story I am casting onto a situation. I used to feel as though I was being "bothersome" by expressing my needs. It was keeping me from speaking up and out on my behalf. By learning to quiet that negative voice, I was able to express my needs and change my situation. I loved that Lanie was always goal-focused, as a result it kept me goal-focused. I have become more reflective of my inner dialogue and how it affects my mood and gets in my way. I have learned how to break things down into steps. Checking in with someone every two weeks was really important for accountability. Results require action and accountability and Lanie helped me outline the steps and provided the reassurance and accountability I needed to make change in my life. I have already recommended Lanie to others!" 


“My favorite part is all of the mind, body, spirit, & nature connected with the art! Led me to feeling grounding & reaching insight. I loved every part of this experience! Thank you for your wisdom. This workshop became a lesson in how to say ‘Yes!” to me. It allowed me the chance to connect with myself and interconnect with others in a holistic way. Thank you, Lanie, for your wisdom and guidance and for sharing the power of EcoArt Therapy!” 

-Art Therapist

“AH! Creating the container for the experience to flow in. Thank you, Lanie for creating a nurturing space for sharing, learning, and healing. You take tender and courageous care of us during out time together. I felt very safe and trusted myself to learn what I needed to learn for my next chapter of life! Thank you.”

-Music Therapist

“I love this stuff as every time I do something like this I learn something about myself and develop calming skills. All the different activities and writing made me reflect deeply and helped me tremendously to move out of my head.” 

-Physical Therapist

“The activities encourage tuning in and trusting, which are the foundation for connecting with myself and others.” 

-Expressive Arts Therapist

“This work pushes me just enough out of my comfort zone to grow in unexpected yet needed ways.”

-AA & EA Sponsor

“Such a great way to stop, slow down, and learn more about self care for personal discovery” 

-Retired Teacher, Children’s Book Author & Non- Profit Founder

“I’m grateful that you knew exactly how to explain to me how harmful my internal dialogue was, and how to change my way of thinking." 

-Creative Entrepreneur

“Using art to explore my feelings was powerful & effective!” Plus it was fun. My life is better after both a wonderful, rewarding, and empowering relationship with someone to really listen, give feedback, and help point me in directions to discover the real me. Thank you for our time together, for your guidance, encouragement, for reminding me of the joys of doing art, slowing down, and cherishing me to become whole + healthy.” 

-Retired Teacher & Creativepreneur

“Thanks for creating such a non-judgmental space. Loved the focus on the process of discovering myself through art expression. I don’t usually feel this comfortable opening up and being myself. You really provided something special.” 


“Lanie is so insightful and knowledgeable, positive and compassionate. I am grateful for her wise and encouraging words which have been very helpful to me.

-Art Therapist