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Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR

Hi.  I’m Lanie and I’m super THRILLed you are here!

Exploration.  Creativity.  Connection.  Expression.  

You want them all.  You long to live a life of creativity and purpose and you seek close, meaningful relationships. You love your role as a helper and healer, but you’re tired of juggling so much and feeling like there isn’t enough of you to go around.  

As a sensitive, creative, and intuitive empath you long to be of service but you are also susceptible to burnout.  

I get it.  I’ve been there and I’ve often worn more hats than I care to admit. I’ve watched my health suffer and my creativity fizzle when I’ve tried to push through and make it all happen rather than leaning in to what I most wanted and letting go of the non-essentials.

It is possible to live a rich, full life marked by a deep connection to your inner self and your outer world.  It’s not asking too much to design a life aligned with your core values so you can feel good and make your greatest contribution to the world.


You have so many natural strengths within you, but you struggle to see your own vast potential. You often doubt yourself and put off caring for your own deep desires while meeting the needs of others.

You know it is time for something new because you can’t continue with the same choices if you want different results.  You want to be supported for a change before it’s too late and your health, creativity, and relationships suffer any further.

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others and resetting goals with who you think you should be.  

Yes you may have to let go of some things and say no to others.  You may need to even say goodbye to some people, but you understand the payoff is living life as the beautiful work of art you have imagined and deep down you know it is possible to live a strong, heart centered life without all the hustle.


As a Registered Art Therapist, owner/founder of Integrative Art Therapy, and a Transformational Wellness Coach,  I’ve watched so many clients learn how to “bring the inside out and the outside in” to allow greater ease and flow in their life.  My passion is to help you recognize your own innate wisdom and beauty as it’s reflected in the trees, mountains, wildlife, and in your own creativity.  Creative expression and nature are powerful tools to guide us.

I have a lot of great experience, both nationally and internationally with publications and other accomplishments, but all of my best work is a result of moving through my own history in order to release the conditioned self-limiting beliefs and behaviors of the past.   After my own struggle with vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue, I discovered nature as a wise teacher that taught me to tune into my senses more deeply and find the truths within that needed to be heard.  

I know the story of “not enough” and I know what it takes to rewrite it.

I believe that when you heal one part, you begin to heal all.   This is a guiding principle of EcoPsychology and basis for my wellness coaching with EcoArt.

Many of my most outwardly successful clients, including doctors, nurses, and therapists, are missing a connection with their inner wisdom. They’ve lost track of the body’s intelligence and awareness of their senses.

When you tune into yourself and your world, you create a ripple of healing that benefits not only you but those love love + serve.  What may look like one person creating a mandala of leaves and stones could actually be the beginning of a world-healing wave.  You can learn to fill your heart and cup so full that eventually it will spill over and nourish everyone around you.

Dis-ease and chronic stress are the direct results of misalignment and imbalance.  

Are you ready to dive deep and discover your truest nature to create balance- meaning health, energy, and time for what matters most to you?  

Are you ready to transform the state of overwhelm in your life into a creative work of art?  To live the life you’ve imagined?  

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